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Pro Tools 11 Announced: Do we Care?

We’re certainly not saying there aren’t any dance producers who use Pro Tools, but, in comparison to the likes of Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio and Reason, the size of Pro Tools’ dance music user-base is negligible. Version 11 doesn’t look like turning that situation around.   What do you think? Is Pro Tools relevant to dance music?


Via Attack Magazine

Desktop vs. Mobile music making

Palm Sounds has some great thoughts on mobile music making, and his theory of two separate markets existing (mobile and desktop/pro) for the foreseeable future:

So, going back to my question. Why is mobile music application development going in such a similar direction to desktop? Because it’s easy? Because it makes sense? Because it’s what users want? Maybe all of them. My issue with this is that I don’t think we’re seeing apps take real advantage of the fact that the device is mobile and I think that there are a lot of missed opportunities as a result. I’m not saying that there aren’t apps that make good use of the full facilities of a mobile device but they’re aren’t many.

Great questions, and some great writing in general on the topic. This sort of sums up why I am tepid towards GarageBand, but I love Figure. One is a stripped down quasi-DAW that doesn’t really do the job, and the other is a legitimately new thing, that could only really exist on a mobile device.