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LHS Electronic Music Group – performance & demo

In-Person at OMEA 2023

The LHS Electronic Music Group makes its 7th appearance at the OMEA Conference, with a 40 minute set inspired by today’s electronic music scene.


“An Art Class for Music”

In-Person at OMEA & TMEA 2023

This session will show you how to build a creative space for students in your school using project-based instructional techniques. We will cover how to launch, maintain and grow your own “electronic music school” into a fully formed branch of your secondary music department. Covering many possibilities for creative music projects, this session aims to inspire the next generation of music teachers to develop creativity-based music production classes in their schools.

“Creating a Live Electronic Music Group”

In-Person at TMEA 2023

What would it look like if students made all the decisions behind a performing ensemble? Learn how to use the latest technology and touring techniques to create an authentically student-led pop music group at your school. This session specifics like live sound reinforcement, how DJ sets work, equipment and lighting and big-picture issues like group philosophy, recruiting and finding an audience.


I am available for teaching inservices, workshops and other speaking engagements on the topics of music and technology.  I’d be happy to help your department with music technology, teacher PD/skills training, K-12 music curriculum development or other sessions related to music education in the 21st century.

Past workshops:

Topics I have spoken about in the past:

This Remix is Fire (student-led methods to remixing and creating mashups)

Making Videos for Your Music Program That Don’t Suck

Music Classes of the Future (overview of my program and programs like mine)

Reaching the Other 80% with Music Technology

DJ’ing in the classroom with Ableton Live

Audio Programming with Max/MSP

The Best iPad Apps for your Music Classroom

Designing a Recording Studio on a Budget

TV Production on a Budget

I am available for hire as a consultant/clinician for your school music programs, and can train in many areas including curriculum design, lab construction, and most other music/ed/technology topics.

Contact me to schedule a session by sending me an email.