Here’s an iPhone app I can get behind.

Detune (the company who makes great synth apps with an ancient Korg hardware interface UI) made an independent, non-Korg synth app.

It’s called “I am synth” and it looks very much like Figure – pure digital interface, no fake knobs or wood panels.  At first, it appears to be a simple chiptune-y thing, but watch the videos and it is apparent some serious FM crazy is going on under the hood.  It’s like a Monotron but it sounds really good, is easier to use and turns into a phone when you’re done with it.

I Am Synth on the App Store – 99 cents

A big bag of perspective.

My Palm Pixi did 90% of the things I now use my iPhone for. It did them pretty well. But the 10% that’s missing is vital, and exponentially more difficult to pull off.

My take on iOS music production is harsh, but I stand by it. I like to look forward and say “where can we go from here”. That’s my forward facing “big picture” viewpoint.

If you watched the video I posted the situation is much improved from April 2010, when hardly anything was possible cross-app in iOS. I’m pointing out the need for improvement.

The added perspective of a “past facing” big picture is just as interesting:perspective added by this counter-post at Synthtopia:

But musicians that only compare iOS as a music platform against powerful desktop computers are missing the big picture: a few years ago, your phone could do squat and tablet computers were bulky, niche products. How much music making can you do on anything else that you carry around all the time?

Can’t argue with that.