Chiptune sample set for Disquiet

Hello folks, you might be interested in checking out my latest Disquiet Junto tune: Mighty No 139:

The technique I’ve developed here is really used for my high school courses on music production. The idea is to write harmonically complex music without having to learn a ton of music theory. To this end, I’ve modified a few existing M4L patches to make an “EZ Scales” and “EZ Chords” patch set that students of all levels can drop onto a track to allow them to play roman numeral chord progressions just by playing the root scale degrees. The result is layered riff-style music writing that can befit many different styles.

Download the Ableton Set and play around with the patches:…

Also in this patch is the “Chippy” M4L Instrument I wrote. It’s basically a waveform generator that can produce a smooth glide and vibrato with a few basic pulse widths. It’s a monophonic synth, and instead of writing a poly version I simply sample a note from it into Simpler.

I hope you enjoy this Mega Man – inspired chiptune!

Author: Will Kuhn

I teach music technology to high schoolers. I do some other stuff too. @willkuhn on Twitter.