WWDC 2014 Keynote LEAKED

9:00am – Tim Cook onstage, goes over great sales numbers

9:05am – Tim Cook brings entire executive staff of Apple onstage to apologize for Garageband 10

9:10am – Phil Schiller onstage, INTRODUCING GarageBand 11 – Non-suck edition.  Features include:

  • Track effects
  • Restored/enhanced Podcasting & video tools, including editing ability
  • Smart instrument controls via MIDI effects – automatic scales, chords & strum patterns
  • Library of popular chord progressions for use with Smart instruments
  • Pattern generators ala iOS GarageBand
  • Less embarrassing Drummer tracks – stupid shirtless Jesse is removed, replaced with physical modeled John Bonham
  • Smart effects modularized and available on any instrument
  • Wood panels replaced, changed to more environmentally friendly Bamboo

9:30am – INTRODUCING iOS 8; main feature is support for new GarageBand

9:35am – INTRODUCING OSX 10.10 “General Sherman” – main feature = wood paneling on all OSX system windows, ReWire support for Finder, Textedit can now be used as a Max/MSP patcher.

9:55am – INTRODUCING iWatch – includes tap to set BPM in new non-suck GarageBand.  No other features ready for demo.

10:00am – INTRODUCING new 44″ AppleTV – includes actual wood side panels, automatically plays audio from new non-suck GarageBand.  No other features ready for demo.

10:15am – Jony Ive onstage INTRODUCING “GarageBand SHOVE”, a new MIDI controller for GarageBand.  Includes actual wood side panels, support for Smart instruments, whammy bar, volume can be set to 11 (applause point/laughs)

10:30am – Tim Cook returns to stage, thanks audience end of keynote.

10:45am – demos of GB SHOVE and GB11 (non-suck edition) in the press area

Author: Will Kuhn

I teach music technology to high schoolers. I do some other stuff too. @willkuhn on Twitter.

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  1. That should have read, “What’s the one more thing?” Maybe improved autocorrect on iOS devices 😉

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