Hyperdub 10.1

Got my hands on this great compilation today.  If you want a handle on where earnest electronic music is headed outside of the club bangers and brostep, this is required listening.

From the Pitchfork review:

Dance music label comps serve a dual purpose: 1) provide an accessible way for non-collectors to obtain material that might’ve received limited release; 2) offer labels a way to define their legacy or current position in the music landscape. 10.1 fulfills the first function simply by existing, and effectively flips two middle fingers towards the second.

Very true.  My only gripe is that Laurel Halo isn’t on this compilation – big omission in my books.

For me, Hyperdub and Ghostly are filling the void that Astralwerks and Warp did in the 90’s – releasing truly innovative new music, signing singularly unique artists, and forgetting the rest.

Author: Will Kuhn

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