Real VJ’ing comes to the iPad – finally!

So iPad apps to me are at an awkward middle-child phase. Some are incredibly powerful standalone products (like the Korg iMS-20) that are basically one-shots that do one thing, and others are “baby” versions of professional software, which is cool but limited in real-world usefulness.

Performance apps have a real opportunity here, where on stage one needs a limited amount of raw power but the “real” response and interface options so the crowd doesn’t think you’re playing with an unoriginal toy.

Haven’t found the holy grail for music apps yet (see the opportunity, o’ certain company whose products I adore?), but today I found a great solution for visualists and VJs if you maybe lack hardware for pro V-mixing or simply feel like packing light: TouchViz by hexler.

TouchViz reminds me a lot of this crazy Quartz Composer patch for video mixing from a few years back, except it is easy to use and actually works. Load up to 120 video clips (you’ll want to make or find these loops first) and then mash around with live effects and mixing during the set. 2 Channels. You’ll need the VGA out cable for your projectors.

Only downsides I can see from using for a little bit – no audio reactive option (definitely should be on the todo list for this developer, as all iPads have microphones) and I’d really REALLY like to see an option for setting projection map zones – it wouldn’t be too hard to implement a 3D effect layer for this or maybe even just a garbage matte that’s editable.

$9.99 on the App Store – a little more expensive than VDMX, but a lot cheaper than Resolume, and a whole heck of a lot more portable. Will EMG replace our custom hacked Gameboy cartridge with this next year?

Author: Will Kuhn

I teach music technology to high schoolers. I do some other stuff too. @willkuhn on Twitter.

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