Noteflight Responds

Joe Berkovitz of Noteflight responds (his comment is attached to the previous post.)

Oh dear, the misunderstandings abound! I am in love with audio, electronic music and MIDI (and I agreed with many posters on the Synthtopia thread). I’m only making the case for a balanced diet in our musical culture, not trying to reject anything.

By the way, we are currently beta testing MIDI support on Noteflight and expect to release it shortly, towards further perpetuation of an antiquated trade — the trade in MIDI-enabled instruments, that is. OSC over Bluetooth, please!

I think the whole thing could probably be cleared up in a “part two”. It seems that most people who read the original post felt it was an expression of traditional notation’s superiority to recorded audio. At the same time, the original post seemed to ignore MIDI (or an equivalent technology like OSC) altogether, which is really the key to opening up music composition to the masses. Allowing someone to write without having to read perfectly is an extremely vital tool in my line of work for teaching the non-traditional music student.

But the new info that Noteflight is working on…let’s call it “keyboard controller support” – now that is truly interesting.

So Noteflight stirred up the mob, and at the moment we were lighting our torches they hint at a great new feature that will make their product extremely threatening to the “big two” competitors in traditional notation software. Well played, Noteflight. Well played.

Author: Will Kuhn

I teach music technology to high schoolers. I do some other stuff too. @willkuhn on Twitter.

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