Did you miss it?

Time for a slightly non-music related post.

Did you notice the absence of Microsoft related stuff at CES this year? Where is their phone? Where is their tablet? Where is the newness?

Did you notice the absence of Intel at CES? Where are the low power mobile chips? Why did MS announce an ARM version of Windows?

Why isn’t this a bigger deal? The computing world has changed and no one noticed. A perspective often lost amid the Apple vs. Google noise…

  • PC’s aren’t the hotness. It’s all about the smart phones and tablets now.
  • All the major phones use Webkit for the browser engine. Not Internet Explorer, and not Firefox, but Webkit (also known as the engine Safari and Chrome run) which is an open source project with nightly builds.
  • All the major phones OS’s run some form of Linux or Unix built on top of an open source project. iOS, Android, Palm webOS, and even some of the other smaller players.
  • All smart phones and mobile tablets run on some sort of ARM RISC-based chip. Intel’s mobile chip, the Atom totally stinks and no one likes it.
  • It is less important than ever which operating system you use, so long as it has a standards-compliant browser for the Internet. Only specific industries require heavy use of native software.

Now email this back in time to yourself in 1998 and see if you would have believed it. No windows needed

Author: Will Kuhn

I teach music technology to high schoolers. I do some other stuff too. @willkuhn on Twitter.

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