3 thoughts on “Holy crap Korg”

  1. They unleash completely misdesigned and useless rompler crap, pay Mr. Ujiee lots of $$$ to get the highlights out of said crap to create GAS and then when people buy it they are too noob or too blinded by crap bling to see that this crap has crap keybeds and more bugs, design flaws and other crap than ever seen on the market before. They hired some crap engineers 10 yrs ago to design some crap workstation crap, then they fired them and now marketdroids are redesigning that same old crap with some added crap parts and crap the crap market with it. That’s Korg for ya. Crap.

  2. Compound word of ‘ROM’ and ‘Sampler’ = derogative term for (often quite elaborate) samplers without sample input and all samples in ROM, aka “sample player” (=less derogative). Probably coined in Europe. Also used to distinguish between “real synthesizers” and these things that are only good for firing off the 5 useful presets out of 23,000,000 due to incomprehensible or incomplete synthesis based on wavetables and samples.

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