The Lebanon HS Music Technology program is one of the largest programs of its kind offered in secondary schools in the country, serving over 300 students annually.  The class is offered in both beginner and advanced levels, and it’s curriculum covers a depth usually reserved for college music technology programs.  I am the only music teacher I know who teaches Music Technology full time, with no super-ceding programs (such as band or choir) under my supervision.

Music Tech I can be described as a tour of what is possible with music technology.  Mainly centered in GarageBand, this course covers the basics of electronic music, audio and MIDI manipulation, and puts a high premium on students beginning to think of a computer as an expressive tool for making music.  The course is designed so musicians and non-musicians are on equal footing, and that all students can achieve a level of competency in these basic areas.

Music Tech II is a more career-oriented class, diving deep into specific areas of interest to audio professionals, such as recording, electronic styles, sound for film and video games, multimedia programming/art installations, and studio design.

In addition to the two levels of Music Technology, we also offer an afterschool Recording Club which books local bands, records them for free, and mixes their songs.  The students totally run this program, performing tasks comparable to what would go on in a professional studio.  At the end of the year we master a CD of the best recordings, and sell it for a profit.

We also have a live electronic music group, which performs at various music and technology venues and events around the state of Ohio.

Sample LHS Music Tech class schedule 2014-2015 –  (number of students sem 1/sem 2):

Music Tech II (29/30)

Music Tech II (27/30)

Music Tech I (28/30)

Music Tech I (24/30)

Music Tech I (25/30)

Global Media (17/17)

Music Tech I (28/30)