The Electronic Music Group is an interesting experiment that I feel is truly on the cutting edge of electronic music in the schools. It goes beyond project-based individual learning, and allows those projects to come to life with real time performance methods. Plus it’s fun.

Here’s a video of the kids rocking out at OMEA/TI:ME national 2011 in the hallway outside the technology area.

Mort got ’em warmed up for us:

We had a pretty sweet program to hand out too:

Anyway, thanks to OMEA, TI:ME and eTech Ohio for having us perform at these conventions. We hope to do an even crazier show next year.

What the Word “live” Means

As a teacher of music I ponder this a lot: how live does it have to be to be live?  Most post-vinyl DJ’s set the bar kind of low.  Aphex Twin was said to sometimes press play and lay down on a couch.

Skrillex is trying to change that.

“I’m going from a 175-bpm drum and bass track to a 128-bpm electro track within a song from each other, and that’s really versatile for what I’m doing,” he explained. “I want to challenge myself more with the live show, not only in terms of great production but actually contributing to what the word ‘live’ means.

Great read by MTV News on Skrillex.