Pro Tools 9, in which I use the blog to smack talk a piece of software.

Now you can use Pro Tools with any interface…a feature they held back for so long I’m surprised they aren’t embarrassed to even address it now.  They must be losing market share.

Also of note: no big new features for the mass market, just high end improvements.  At least they know their base.

P.S. I was planning on using Pro Tools to teach mixing this year but found it too hard to teach – it’s horribly designed.  I might as well have been mixing in Max/MSP.  Good luck steering this sinking ship Avid.

Electronic Musician’s version of the press release. 

Details of coreMIDI in iOS 4.2

Great detective work by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music.

2. USB MIDI support for class-compliant devices, using the iPad Camera Connection Kit’s USB adapter


And on power requirements:

There’s one significant caveat to USB connections: the Camera Connection doesn’t carry a lot of current, so devices may require an external power source.

I tested this with my iPad, and it happily powers my Axiom 49 keyboard.  I’m sure it will power most other USB controller keyboards.

Imagine setting up your phone as a high quality sampler in a musical pit or on a stage.

This is the single biggest music on the iPad story about to happen.

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