Grad project update

Phase one and two are good to go: collect data about how students process notation, and create a couple live examples.

New: qualifier for phase 2b

The examples I was thinking I can make are not necessarily interactive, but I’d like them to be (i.e. you can read them but not write them)…this may have to be a limitation of the project manifestation.  I just don’t want the quartz pieces to be simple visualizations.  At the very least, it will be able to represent pre-programmed MIDI notes.  At the most, it will be clickable for writing music (this will be a challenge).

Phase 3 will be something that branches off of the best of phase 2b.  Might be a performance using this notation?  Don’t really know yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Author: Will Kuhn

I teach music technology to high schoolers. I do some other stuff too. @willkuhn on Twitter.

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